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Kevin McDonald Workshop - INTERMEDIATE & ADVANCED

Live at 7 Stages

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9:00am - 3:00pm : Sunday, July 13


$150 for a 5-hour intensive


  • Description

    This workshop is for intermediate and advanced improvisers/writers. You should be comfortable with improv and stage work if you sign up for this class.

    Kevin McDonald of Kids in the Hall will give a five-hour workshop where he will focus on and teach about writing comedy sketches through improvisation. Students will learn how to write comedy through performance and learn how to use improv as a writing tool. Improv games will be played at the beginning to warm-up the actors and also to sharpen their storytelling skills. The workshop will move to fully improvised scenes, then students will break off into writing teams, and finally will reconvene for sketch performance -- all guided by Kevin. With this workshop, Kevin hopes to improve the participants' acting and writing skills and help them to learn how both skills working in unison can create great scenes and comedy.

  • Length

    This is a five hour intensive with a one hour break for lunch.

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