The Dad’s Garage High School Outreach Program is a service we provide free of charge to multiple high schools in the Metro Atlanta area in order to help bring the arts into the lives of students that might not otherwise have access to them. Each semester, 3 different schools are chosen and a 10-week curriculum is taught to 15 students at each school by one of the members of our artistic company. At the end of 10 weeks, the students from the 3 schools get a chance to come together and perform live on our stage for family and friends.

The improvisation classes we teach focus on: improv theory, team building, the art of narrative storytelling, character development, and performance skills. The skills taught during this training include trust, relaxation, listening, focus, agreement, developing creativity, verbal and nonverbal storytelling, monologue, scene structure, commitment, status, specificity and motivation.

The program has a number of goals, including: teaching students skills that are not only valuable on stage but in life; promoting creative problem-solving, positive interpersonal communication skills, character building and self-esteem; introducing skills that are helpful to students in the classroom and workplace; developing meaningful relationships between students and professional artists in their community; reaching a group of students with diverse interests and backgrounds; and providing a positive outlet for creativity and energy.   

Because the program is free to the schools and students, we are only able to offer it through generous support from the community. If you are interested in sponsoring a school, please contact Stephen Barwick, Development Director by email or phone at 404.523.3141 x 208.

If you’re a teacher or school administrator and are interested in getting a specific local high school involved in this program, please contact René Dellefont, Associate Artistic Director by email.


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