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Season 20 Donor Benefits

Did you know that Dad's Garage is a 501(c)3, which means we're a non-profit and dependent on the support of our community, our pals, and the occasional frenemy to keep kicking.

Welcome to our 20th season! After a year of crashing on 7 Stages couch, we’re gonna try to get a new forever home this year! Especially now, your generosity is what keeps us going and our future strong. Without further ado, here’s exactly what your donation to lil’ ol’ nonprofit Dad’s Garage will get you (besides a lingering case of the warm fuzzies, of course):

Sweet Child o' Mine

($25-$49 Donation)

You'll get online love as we sing your praises with recognition on our website! And you know if it's on the internet, it lives forever...

Sassy Stepchild

($50-99 Donation)

You’ll receive a Dad’s Garage Family welcome packet (including a letter and fun pack), our ongoing appreciation, and recognition on our website!

Leering Cousin

($100-249 Donation)

Sassy Stepchild benefits + your name will be printed in our programs + a shoutout on the Dad’s Garage Facebook page!

Eccentric Sibling

($250-499 Donation)

Leering Cousin benefits + a Dad’s Garage t-shirt

Doting Memaw or Pepaw

($500-999 Donation)

Eccentric Sibling benefits + 2 regular tickets + backstage tour of the theatre (Contact Gina for that)!


($1,000-2,499 Donation)

Eccentric Sibling benefits + 2 Fancy Pants tickets + personal invitations to our Opening Night Parties!

Sugar Daddy

($2,500-4,999 Donation)

Dad benefits + three more pairs of Fancy Pants seats (8 tickets total) + a silly video from our artists!

Baby Daddy

($5,000-9,999 Donation)

Sugar Daddy benefits + one more pair of Fancy Pants tickets + dinner out with our reliably hilarious Artistic Director, Mr. Kevin Gillese (Contact Gina to schedule)! (10 tickets total)

Daddy Warbucks

($10,000 Donation or Above)

Baby Daddy benefits + customizable benefits of your choice! (Want a character named after you? A show? Kevin Gillese to sing you to sleep? Done.)


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