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Chris Blair

Stay away from the dynamite. It's going to explode!

Chris Blair is a founding member of Dad's Garage Theatre. He is a co-creator and director of Samurai Davis Jr. and Dim Sum's Super Mega Happy Fun ...

Jon Carr

Jon has enjoyed spending the last 6 years being a part of this crazy mad house and looks forward to even more years of fun. While he spends most of hi...

Karen Cassady

Yippeeee! This is fun! I have always loved acting and making a fool of myself since I was a wee one. I was involved with theater all throughout high s...

Christian Danley


Christian went to The Atlanta College of Art (now a part of SCAD) and even though he's drawn and made art his whole life, it wasn't until a complete...

René Dellefont

Associate Artistic Director

René is one of the Associate Artistic Directors at Dad's Garage. While at Dad's Garage, René curated and directed The Saturday Mo...

George Faughnan

Now 25% larger!!

George Faughnan grew up in Melbourne Beach, Florida where he spent the first seventeen years of his life in early retirement. Since graduation from Fl...

Tommy Futch

Tommy Futch is a proud member of Dad's Garage. He is also the President of Laughing Matters, an interactive entertainment company. Futch, the third of...

Kevin Gillese

Canadian transplant with a crippling addiction to high fives

Kevin started improvising with Rapid Fire Theatre in Edmonton, Alberta as a teenager in 1996. As an undergraduate he studied Theatre and Creative Writ...

Z. Gillispie

Roughly one-eleventh of a ton of fun.

For over a decade, Z has been with Dad’s – subjecting Atlanta audiences to the menagerie of characters trapped in his addled brain. No fatalities as o...

Matt Horgan

Matt has been improvising since 1994, when he joined the "We're Not Your Mother Players" while attending the University of South Carolina. After gradu...

Mark Kendall

Mark loves doing improv at Dad's! So much fun! He's also enjoys basketball, noodles, and Downton Abbey! Season 3 is going to be amazing!!

Megan Leahy

The Female Mr. Wizard

Megan has been improvising with Dad's Garage for several years and has also appeared in a number of scripted shows; favorites include Drove a...

Rueben Medina

In 2004 Rueben Medina moved from Orlando, Florida (the tourist and elevated go-kart track capital of the world) to Atlanta, Georgia to attend coll...

Ed Morgan

"I Gotta Believe!"

Some say Ed was born in a tornado and raised by the wind. Others say he simply appeared from the ocean one violent winter eve...

Amber Nash

Amber Nash graduated from Georgia State University with a B.S. in Psychology. For 3 years, she worked as a youth counselor for the State of Georgia wi...

Chris Rittelmeyer

Chris Rittelmeyer has been involved with theater and music from a young age. Before Dad's Garage, his last appearance on a stage was in high school pl...

Tom Rittenhouse

Tom Rittenhouse has been performing at Dad's Garage since 2007. His affair with the theater started as he was finishing his Film and Video degree ...

Mike Schatz

Improviser, actor, ad exec., and so insecure it ruins everything

Mike has been a member of Dad’s Ensemble since 2006, but much like Val Kilmer in 1997’s “The Saint," his ability to change characters may be why y...

Travis Sharp

This is what he did for a Klondike bar

Travis almost turned around and left the first time he visited Dad's Garage, because back in 2000 it looked like a murder shed. He went in anyway, did...

Matt Stanton

Many people die at twenty five and aren't buried until they are seventy five. - Ben Franklin

Matt Stanton is a founder and former Artistic Director of Dad's Garage Theatre. Before receiving his BA in Theater from Florida State University, Ma...

Dan Triandiflou

BPA free and child safe

Dan has written bios for such organizations as Dad's Garage, Uncle's Basement, and Quarter-front: a Nickelback tribute band. Dan has been with Dad's G...

Lucky Yates

Your Magical Dream Hero

Hailing from the Lost City of Detroit, Lucky rides his Laser Dragon into the fantasy realm of your dreams. If there's a group of maidens in need, you ...


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