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Valentine's Day Videos

Written by Personalized by us lovable scamps for your lovable sweetie!

Sorry, pal! This event has passed. Please check out our current shows.


Order by Feb. 11th at midnight!


Your very own personalized Valentine's Day video is only: $25!


  • Description

    Looking for that perfect Valentine's Day gift that's just the right combination of sappy yet fun...touching yet slightly inappropriate...personal yet from somebody else?! We've got you covered! Dad's Garage is taking our hilarious improv antics off of the stage and bringing them straight into your heart -- well, your sweetie's heart that is. Just give us a few key bits of information and one of our fabulous improvisers will make up a poem, song, or truly inspirational bit of theatre that has been personalized just for you. 

    We can only make 100 video cards total, so please order early! Once you purchase the video card, you will be sent an automatic email response with a link to a survey with 4 questions about the recipient. You must fill out the survey in a timely manner in order to get your video card. Like, pretty immediately would be awesome. We can't make them all at the last minute.

    We will be filming on Feb. 12th, so get your orders in by the 11th! We will send you a link to your finished video (which will be an unlisted link on YouTube) by (or on) Valentine's Day depending on when you made the purchase.

    *** Please note: Each of these video cards is completely unique and will be improvised from the content you give us. We cannot promise that you will get a specific improviser or type of card, but we can promise that you will get an awesome video. 




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