Kevin Gillese

Artistic Director

Kevin started improvising with Rapid Fire Theatre in Edmonton, Alberta as a teenager in 1996. As an undergraduate he studied Theatre and Creative Writ...

Lara Smith

Managing Director


Jon Carr

Marketing Director

Having been raised by traveling Christian clowns he knew that his professional life would need to be pretty interesting to keep his attention. It only...

Matt Terrell

Director of Communications

Matthew Terrell works as a writer, photographer, and media professional in the fine city of Atlanta. After completing his MFA in writing, Matthew went...

Stephen Barwick

Development Director

Stephen Barwick is a man of limited passions—burritos, buddy-cop movies, basketball and sweater vests. An Atlanta native and graduate of DePaul Uni...

Jamie Warde

Technical Director

Jamie Warde is originally from Buffalo, NY, where he misspent his youth and educational years. At the age of fifteen, he began working in professi...

René Dellefont

Associate Artistic Director

René is one of the Associate Artistic Directors at Dad's Garage. While at Dad's Garage, René curated and directed The Saturday Mo...

Matt Horgan

Associate Artistic Director & External Sales Director

Matt has been improvising since 1994, when he joined the "We're Not Your Mother Players" while attending the University of South Carolina. After gradu...

Jason Drucker

Managing Associate and Front of House Manager

Jason joined Dad's Garage a little over thirty-four years before he can retire. He previously had been employed as a bartender and a manager at Twain'...

Adam Pinney

Multimedia and Graphic Artist

Adam Pinney was born in Munich, Germany, the same birthplace of famed German filmmakers Werner Herzog and Michael Haneke, Footballer Franz Be...

Megan Gane

DGTV Line Producer

Megan graduated from the School of The Art Institute of Chicago in 2006 with a BFA in Film, Video, and New Media. She specialized in bad funny, and...


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