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We're Moving FAQ

It’s official. At the ripe ol’ age of 18, mom and dad are kicking us out of the house. Dad’s Garage has received notice that our building, as well as the entire property at 280 Elizabeth Street, has been purchased and will be redeveloped in the coming months. (Read: Hulk-smashed and turned into a Live, Work, Play space... minus the plays.)

We’ll finish out the rest of our season here (through July 31st). We’ll be packing up and moving out soon after and will continue performing in our new, temporary home at 7 Stages in Little Five Points beginning August 10th. While we're there we hope to start raising funds for a permanent home. We have narrowed the search down to a few we're really serious about and plan on making a decision very soon. Hey! It's just like the finale of The Bachelor! (Is that show still on? Yes? Good! Relevant-ish. Nailed it. Boosh.)
  • Will you be producing the same amount and type of work as usual?

    After our last show at 280 Elizabeth Street we’ll immediately begin performing improv every weekend at our new temporary home at 7 Stages. We’ll also be doing some scripted work and special events at multiple iconic Atlanta locations. We’re working hard to maintain the same level of programming as we plan our next season, and will have the hot deets for you soon.

  • When do you move into your permanent home?

    While we’re in our temporary home we hope to be fundraising like crazy and building out our new, permanent home. (AKA our fur-ever home). This could take anywhere from 1 – 2 more years. Yeah, we know that’s a long time, but we’re making sure we do this right. And yes, that means comfortable seats and more bathrooms – and possibly whiskey-infused corn dogs. Keep your fingers crossed.

  • And just where is this new Dad’s Garage Dream House?

    We were hoping to stay in Inman Park, but that didn't work out -- I guess we drove our own property value up too high! We're committed to staying as close to our current stomping ground as possible and have been vetting a few other spaces. We’re still working out some final details, but we're close to nailing down a new home. That said, just like any 18 year-old, we like to keep our options open. So, if you have 15,000 sq. feet of space in the city with ample parking on the cheap – please let us know.

  • How are you going to afford/survive this move?

    This announcement is not a surprise. Our facilities committee has been hard at work over the past year securing a temporary home, finding a permanent home, and taking the first steps toward raising the large amount of capital needed to move a theatre company of our size. (Ridiculous wigs and giant foam alligators don’t move themselves!) Down the road, we will definitely be asking you and the rest of the Atlanta community for financial support, so start saving your pennies for us!

  • Are we going to have an epic, bring the house down party before we leave?

    Fer duhs. On August 3rd. 

  • Keep coming to shows!
  • We’ve loved this space for 18 years and we want to cram as much love into it as possible for the last three months we’re here, so please help us (pack them out.) We’ve got some amazing shows coming up. Check out our full calendar here.
  • Stay connected with us!
  • We don't want to lose touch with you.
  • Help us move our stuff & staff.
  • While we do have a theatre to perform in, we’ll need to find the following at low-to-no-cost to help us stay afloat. We need:
    • Storage space
    • Moving supplies
    • Office space and/or meeting space for staff
    * Contact Lara Smith, our Managing Director (Lara@dadsgarage.com or 404-523-3141 x 202)


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