These shows are all made up on the spot using your suggestions to fuel our scenes.


A little mall in the heart of Old 4th Ward is running a sale on…Scandal!

Saturday Night @ 8pm

Sneak Preview

We'll improvise the latest movie you don't want to see, so you don't have to!

Friday Night @ 10:30pm

Extreme Elimination Improv Challenge

A bunch of improvisers start the show. Only one makes it to the end.

Thursday nights @ 10:30pm

Automatic Improv

Automatic Improv is an Atlanta-based improv group that creates fast-paced and hilarious comedy!

Thursday Night @ 8pm

Big Ol' Show

It is a completely improvised antebellum tale of lust and love during the American Civil War!

Thursday Night @ 8pm

Dark Side of the Room

An improv show highlighting diversity in comedy.

Thursday Night @ 8pm

Fuck, I Should Know This

It's a Dad's Garage Panel Game Show

Thursday Night @ 8pm


Dad's Garage and the Atlanta Opera combine forces to create Improper!

Thursday Night @ 8pm

Improv Revolution

Wednesday night is all about new formats, new shows and new comedy.

Wednesday nights @ 8:00pm

Sept 7 - Ismprov/Lunch at 2
Sept 14 - Ed, Tom, and Rueben Variety Night
Sept 21 - Cabaret of Diamonds
Sept 28 - Drunk vs High/ Mr Gray's Bed Time Stories


Our improvisers compete in a fast-paced, high energy improv comedy competition.

Saturday nights @ 10:30pm


Two teams fight like cats and dogs in this long-form improv battle.

Friday nights @ 8pm

Murder, She Improvised

An improvised murder mystery that's different every week.

Friday nights @ 10:30pm


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